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As a manufacturer of steel products, both special bar quality and commercial,Grupo SIMEC has the operating flexibility to adjust its production to match existing demand and thus take advantage of the areas of opportunity offered by the market, and is always focused on satisfying clients' needs.

SIMEC's main clients in the special bar quality steel and large diameter pipe product line belong to the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, petroleum and gas industries; special bar quality steels are mostly manufactured to order for specific clients, but there is also an inventory, as well as sales through distributors. For commercial steels –including structural shapes, merchant shapes and rebar– the main clients belong to the construction sector and to service and distribution centers.

Special Bar Quality Steels
Steel may contain different percentages of aluminum, nickel, chrome and other alloy elements, and these alloys cause the steel to take on special characteristics, or "grades". These characteristics allow for variety among the special bar quality steel product line manufactured by ICH. Based on the shape of the final product, the products are classified into round, square and hexagonal bars.

The products from the special bar quality steel line adapt to the clients' specific requirements, including those related to chemical composition, malleability, hardness, ductility and steel surface condition. ICH is the only producer of this material in Mexico, with a market participation of approximately 35%; the rest is imported. In United States it has an approximate market participation of 20%.

The special bar quality steels are used as raw materials in the production of auto parts such as axles, transmissions and suspensions. The petroleum industry uses them to produce valves and pipeline couplings for oil extraction. In the hand tools sector, they are used for hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches, among others.



Small Merchant Shapes
The products that make up the production line of small merchant shapes (up to 3") consist of angles, channels, flat bars, as well as round and square bars. Merchant shapes are mainly used in the construction sector.

Merchant shapes are considered commercial products (commodities), given the general acceptance of their specifications by the majority of consumers.


Big Structural Shapes
The products manufactured in the structural shapes line consist of beams, channels, flat bars and angles with sections of three and more inches. The structural shapes are used mainly in building commercial and office structures, as a substitute for concrete columns, given their great resistance and compact dimensions; as well as in the construction of electricity transmission towers because of the steel's flexibility and malleability. The large truck and vehicle sector uses structural shapes when building trailer chassis and platforms for trucks and buses.

Structural shapes are considered commercial products (commodities), given the general acceptance of their specifications.


The ICH rebar production line consists of concrete reinforcing bars and round bars. Rebars are used in the construction industry to reinforce cement and concrete structures in columns, floors, foundations and walls. They are also used in the construction of highways and concrete freeways and for pre-fabricated concrete structures.

Rebars are a highly commercial product (commodity), due to the general acceptance of their specifications by the majority of consumers.


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