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SIMEC has sought to maintain a conservative financial profile, reinvesting 100 percent of profits in steel industry-related projects, and has pursued a low debt and aggressive expansion policy, which has assured the company a healthy financial situation and solid positioning. Since 2001, has acquired companies that have established Simec's as a leading producer of special steels in Mexico and the United States, as well as in the rebar, merchant and structural shapes in Mexico.

Due to our capacity to generate cash flow and the prepayment of debts with our own operating resources, SIMEC has maintained one of the strongest capital structures in the industry, as well as solid liquidity and financial ratios, since it was acquired by the present administration in 2001, up to today.

Competitive Sales

Strategic Plant Location

The proximity of our plants to clients and raw materials allows SIMEC and our clients to significantly reduce distribution costs.

Favorable Purchase Terms

As a result of the company's liquidity, as well as high-volume, centralized purchases, SIMEC is able to acquire raw material on favorable terms.

Absence of Historical Liabilities

Unlike most of our competitors, both national and international, SIMEC does not have significant historical liabilities, such as underfunded pension plans or funds, lack of reserves for retired employees or environmental mitigation relating to plants no longer in operation.

The current trend towards globalization means the market has become highly competitive. As such, SIMEC is pursuing a policy of positioning itself in high value-added niches and making investments in new product lines.

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