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SIMEC plants in Mexico are subject to a number of federal, state and municipal laws and regulations, official Mexican norms and specific permits relating to the protection of health, the environment and natural resources. Likewise, Republic facilities located in the United States and Canada are subject to a range of federal, state and local regulations in these countries.

Grupo SIMEC and its subsidiaries work continually on the maintenance of their plants, complying with the laws and regulations imposed –in Mexico– by the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for Environmental Protection (Profepa) and the Secretary of Natural Resources and the Environment (Semarnat) and strictly observing the improvement programs suggested by these bodies at each plant.

The principal federal laws applicable to SIMEC relating to the environment are:

a) The General Law on Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection (LGEEPA) and its regulations, oversight and application of which are the responsibility of Semarnat and Profepa, respectively. The LGEEPA sets out obligations relating to the generation and handling of waste and hazardous materials, the discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere, soils and air and the environmental impact studies required for the construction, use and operation of industrial facilities and plants like those managed by SIMEC and its subsidiaries.

b) The General Law for Prevention and Integrated Management of Waste (LGPGIR), oversight and application of which are also the responsibility of Semarnat and Profepa. The LGPGIR regulates the generation, handling, transport, storage and disposal of hazardous waste.

c) The National Water Law and its regulations, oversight and application of which are the responsibility of the National Water Commission (Conagua). This law regulates the use and exploitation of the country's aquifers, which requires a license granted by Conagua. All SIMEC plants in Mexico hold licenses – with a five-year renewable duration – for the exploitation of underground water sources through the use of wells to supply water for the requirements of their production processes. SIMEC pays Conagua for these rights by the volume of water consumed.

Furthermore, SIMEC is also subject to a number of Official Mexican Norms (NOMs), which are issued by Semarnat to establish technical standards with regard to the maximum permissible levels of emissions to the atmosphere and of pollutants in waste water, as well as procedures for the identification, classification and handling of hazardous waste, soil contamination and noise level control, etc.

Plants in the United States and Canada are also subject to a wide range of laws and regulations in the environmental field, including those applicable to:

  • atmospheric emissions and waste discharge to aquifers and the ground;
  • handling and disposal of solid and hazardous waste;
  • discharge of petroleum products, hazardous materials, hazardous waste or toxic substances into the environment, and investigation and clean-up of contaminated soil and underground waters.

Grupo SIMEC believes that it has obtained all the authorizations, concessions, licenses and operating permissions necessary from the relevant authorities in order to operate its plants and facilities and sell its products, and that it is in substantial compliance with all the relevant environmental laws.

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