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SIMEC Policies

Safety Policy

The Grupo SIMEC safety policy establishes the systems and procedures that protect the health and physical integrity of its personnel, suppliers, clients and community in its work relationships, and prevent fires, theft, property damage and environmental degradation.

To meet this objective, the company complies with current official and internal regulations and follows the best practices of the organizations that are at the vanguard in this area, by promoting compliance with the indicators and standards set for all levels of the organization.

Quality Assurance Policy

Grupo SIMEC offers its clients products and services that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Grupo SIMEC is a company with highly qualified personnel, whose attitude exemplifies values such as honesty, a sense of responsibility and service.

To meet our goals, we work in teams and focus our efforts on constantly improving our systems, methods and processes.

Our management is committed to providing the human, material and technical resources that are required to supply the products and services that our clients need.

Environmental Policy

The Grupo SIMEC environmental policy is designed to prevent and control negative impact on the environment in all production and service processes through the following actions:

  • We ensure that our processes and services comply with the applicable environmental regulations by installing and operating the proper equipment and technical and administrative control systems.
  • Our personnel are committed to ongoing improvement in the efficient use of equipment, resources and energy.
  • Reuse and recycling of our industrial waste.
  • Development and promotion within the company of a culture of care and protection of the environment, as well as the rational use of natural resources.
  • Implementing this policy is a fundamental objective of the management and is the responsibility of all company employees.

    Continuous Improvement System

    Quality, service and assurance are the result of the ongoing effort of all Grupo SIMEC employees, who work as a team to attract and retain our clients and to attract those of our competitors.

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